Apple Advertising

It is hard to fathom a time when there were no computers, yet less than four decades ago this was the case. When one thinks of computers one thinks of an Apple based platform(Macintosh) or a Windows based platform originated by Microsoft. The proliferation of Apple accessories such as I-Pads, I-Phones with their respective software, has made it impossible to switch between the two basic platforms easily.

Once you choose the platform, in a large sense you are married to the bells and whistles that go along with it. Most people are caught up with the advertising they see in print ads and television. Advertising can be a seductive reason to buy a product. Remember all of the singing, dancing, and that parkour nonsense in those I-Pod Commercials? When you see an ad during a high profile event such as the Super Bowl, a large part of you wants to have access to it. The same goes for people that you know endorsing the benefits of the Apples that they personally own. You want to be just like them, with the same technology that they have decided to purchase for themselves.  No one wants to be seen as different than their friends , so there is pressure to buy the same computers and phones that they own.

Apple Inc has an advertising agency  to come up with catchy ads to sell their products to the public. By creative slogans and ideas, Apples are an extremely popular technological item for people to purchase.  Microsoft and Apple are the leaders in computer technology. Which  products you choose depend on your needs, and whether or not you believe the hype each company promulgates. Not everyone wants to buy an Apple, for some people this product does not serve their purposes. They are quite satisfied to buy a computer that operates on a Windows platform.

What makes one person choose an Apple, and another choose a Microsoft manufactured product?  The answer is not as simple as the financial difference in the two products.  Microsoft computers are more vulnerable to getting and transmitting viruses, while Apples seem not to have this vulnerability. The truth remains that when you buy an Apple computer, only Apple software will run on it. There is no way that Microsoft generated software will ever run on an Apple computer, and the reverse is also true. If your needs transcend a personal computer, perhaps your best choice is the purchase an Apple, because they appear to be a more reliable product.

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